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I created this website primarily to help High School students find volunteer opportunities without having to scour the Internet.


Many of my fellow students want to help our community, but it can be challenging to find a date/organization that works for them. 

While students are the primary audience, the calendar can be used by anyone who wants to help!

The calendar brings together many of the volunteer opportunities across the Vail Valley. This makes it easy to access and register to start helping today!

The Beginning...

The idea for this organization came to me while I was looking for opportunities to volunteer to help support my community. I started with Internet searches to help identify local organizations. After I had a list of organizations, I often found that the timing did not work out or the volunteer work did not align with my interests. 

At the same time, I knew a lot of my peers were interested in volunteering, but when I did attend the volunteer dates, there weren't many teens in attendance. When I talked about my experience, many of my peers were interested, but they just weren't aware of the opportunities. 


This site can help make teens more aware of the opportunities in our community. 

Volunteering as is easy as 1-2-3!

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